It's no secret that technological advancements are changing the mobile and off-highway equipment industry. However, OEMs must adapt their designs to each new component created to improve their machinery. It can always be easy to alter a machine's design when OEMs have used it for many years. Using new Rexroth components is where application approvals come into play. Partnering with Bosch Rexroth, OEMs receive approval that an OEM has correctly placed the new components in their machines.

Application Approval Process

An OEM gains application approval when Rexroth validates an application, which means they ensure the component is being used correctly. When validating an application, Rexroth checks that the component measures up to its parameters within its machine. They may check the system's bearing life, pressures, and flows.

To properly validate an application, Rexroth:

  • Gets involved on the front side of the machine,
  • Reviews and understands requirement specifications down to the design,
  • And approves that the specifications are correctly being met.

Working with an OEM on the front end allows Rexroth to learn about the machine's design since only the OEM knows it. Rexroth knows their components well, so their knowledge is valuable to the OEM. When the OEM and Rexroth work together, they pool their knowledge to make it easier to obtain the application approval.

Why Application Approvals?

However, Rexroth can also come in through the back end if they are not there from the beginning. OEMs may not partner with Rexroth initially because they may feel it's invasive or don't want to share their designs.

  • First, without application approval, something may be wrong with the machine. A mistake with the integration of the Rexroth component could be dangerous.
  • Second, all data and machine designs belong exclusively to the OEM. Rexroth may access the data for their own records, but everything belongs to the OEM.

When updating or retrofitting your mobile and off-highway equipment, you should receive application approval from Rexroth. Machine capability and user safety depend on the proper use of components in their machine. Success is a component performing as expected without fail.

You can learn more about Bosch Rexroth and application approvals here.

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