Greg Gumbs, President and CEO of Bosch Rexroth, joins host Tim Wilson in our first episode of Evolution in Controls to discuss what he considers to be the most significant technological advancements in automation. Bosch Rexroth is a long-time leader in the world of motion control innovation and factory automation, giving Greg a unique perspective on the industry’s evolution and how manufacturers are responding. Greg and Tim break down how their Factory of the Future strategy can be monetized for several industries and how these changes are impacting the sales and distribution channels. How can distributors adapt to the changing needs of customers and their vendor partners? Greg shares how some are changing the legacy distribution model to better serve their customers.


Tim asks questions about now, next, and beyond in the world of factory automation and mobile hydraulics. And Greg is more than prepared to answer with information about their developing technology. He predicts certain shifts in mobile hydraulics and shares where he believes Bosch Rexroth should invest their time and focus.


The ability to quickly change to evolving customer demands is a hot topic. Greg believes every factory is flexible other than its four exterior walls. What role does Bosch Rexroth play in this agile landscape?


Join Tim and Greg for a concise and insightful discussion on this episode of Evolution in Controls.
Evolution in Controls

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