As emission and noise pollution standards become more stringent worldwide, mobile equipment manufacturers are challenged to replace their high-powered hydraulic solutions. Discover what trends are pushing this electrification shift, the challenges manufacturers face, and what technology they use to achieve their objectives in this episode of Evolution in Controls. Mark Majewski, Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of Morrell Group, joins Tim Wilson to share his insight on the market and where he thinks the future is heading.The mobile equipment industry is rapidly changing. Manufacturers in the United States often look to Europe for trends in emissions and noise pollution standards, where they are typically more stringent, knowing they will likely trickle to their region one day. Interestingly enough, pollution is not the only driving force in electrification. Eliminating the noise pollution associated with diesel engines is a significant driving force. Efficiency gains are also a motivating factor for manufacturers to make the shift.

The shift to electrification also includes safety and sensor technology, HMIs, and telematics. While this technology provides key benefits, it also increases the minimum required power. Mark Majewski shares how his team works to increase the voltage supply with practical solutions that actually decrease the size of copper or feeds going out to the motor.

Morrell Group leverages its experience with industrial high voltage to develop solutions for high horsepower applications. After the recent acquisition of LOR Manufacturing, now LOR Mobile Controls, Morrell Group is perfectly positioned to support mobile equipment manufacturers from the ground up. Mark shares how the talented team at LOR prints prototype circuit boards and manufactures quality wiring harnesses in their Weidman, Michigan location. LOR is a critical step in bringing the components of Morrell Group’s solutions together.

Mark also shares how Morrell Group’s vendor partnerships with Bosch Rexroth and HYDAC allow the team to “take vehicles to the next level.” Customers lean on Morrell Group for engineering support for these high-quality components, not only for the proper selection but also for technical support in development and implementation.

Tim and Mark wrap up their discussion by projecting what the next five years look like after the LOR acquisition. High-quality service and technical expertise will remain the standard, but Mark foresees an increase in Morrell Group’s involvement in the development of equipment. Join the conversation in this episode of Evolution in Controls.

Evolution in Controls

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