If there is one thing about technology, it is going to change. And the pace of that change seems to be ever accelerating. The unspoken consequence of this trend is product obsolescence tends to follow. What happens when a machine designed for 30-year life is now equipped with out-of-date components? It is not a problem until those components fail. The options seem limited – send it for repair or find a replacement. The costs will climb quickly. John Jackson, Business Development Manager for Stegner, joins Tim Wilson in this episode of Evolution in Controls to discuss how Morrell Group’s Roll Feed Retrofit Program saves customers time and money when they find themselves in this very situation.

John shares how manufacturers, stamping plants in particular, face increasing downtime as they struggle to find replacements for obsolete components. While they can typically shift work to a neighboring press, they eventually run out of room for their operations. Some customers find themselves regularly shopping on unreliable sources like eBay. In contrast, others have been unable to find replacement parts anywhere, leaving them no option but to shift production to newer machines located overseas. John shares how Morrell Group’s Roll Feed Retrofit Program helps customers improve productivity and keep costs down.

When it comes to a stamping press, the mechanical equipment remains in good shape for years with routine maintenance. However, the controls architecture becomes dated after 15-20 years, leading to downtime and production inefficiencies. The Roll Feed Retrofit Program is not a part-to-part match; it is a kit with a universal set of components, including a user-friendly HMI. Morrell Group’s team evaluates the machine to record all of the existing components. From there, they develop an updated hardware and software design for the application.

Customers that utilize Morrell Group’s Roll Feed Retrofit Program have a universal approach for the entire facility. This streamlines maintenance and operation procedures. The Retrofit Program technology also improves productivity and manufacturing quality.

Morrell Group has trusted vendor partners like Bosch Rexroth to support this solution with cutting-edge technology. In addition to retrofitting older Bosch Rexroth systems, Morrell Group can apply this methodology to competitor systems. John and Tim discuss a few success stories, including one where Morrell Group updated technology from the 1970s. They also discuss the future of the Retrofit Program and how they see the service developing to serve customers going forward. Listen now to dive into the details of this effective program.

Evolution in Controls

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