G3 Fieldbus Valve System

aventics g3 valve system

The G3 electronic Fieldbus valve system from AVENTICS is the ideal replacement for conventional hardwire solutions. It is the only pneumatic valve manifold with a graphical display for configuration, commissioning, and diagnostics.

Electro-Pneumatic Positioning

aventics epps

Achieve unique positioning with a direct-acting proportional pressure regulator with the Electro-Pneumatic Positioning System (EPPS) from AVENTICS. EPPS is a highly efficient and cost-effective positioning solution.

Dispense and Lubrication

Dispense Solutions

DOPAG Dispense Solutions

DOPAG metering and mixing systems are for multi-component media like polymers and epoxy resins as well as single-component media such as silicone, greases, oils, or adhesives. High-quality standards guarantee precision and repeatability.

G3 Automatic Pump

Graco G3 Pump

The G3 Series of automatic grease and oil pumps from Graco is built for durability and reliability, even in the harshest conditions. Users extend their equipment life with these cost-effective and hard-working automatic pumps.