ctrlX AUTOMATION is a comprehensive solution for automating and controlling industrial processes. It exceeds the traditional boundaries among machine controls, the IT world, and the Internet of Things. It features a Linux real-time operating system, consistently open standards, app-based programming, web-based engineering, and a comprehensive list of apps for all your IoT connecting needs. Similar to a smartphone, users can access all these features, functions, and ctrlX apps on a single device. As new functions and apps are developed over time, ctrlX AUTOMATION can easily be updated to the latest software.

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ctrlX Portfolio

ctrlX AUTOMATION is a consistently open automation platform that provides every building block needed to create complete automation solutions within the ctrlX World ecosystem. The modular and scalable ctrlX system blends hardware and software to create flexible solutions that meet requirements for almost all applications, allowing users to get started immediately, no matter the application.


ctrlX CORE - control platform

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ctrlX CORE is the heart of the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform and the center for digital industrial control systems of the future. The Linux-based multicore technology surpasses boundaries between embedded system platforms and drive-based technology with open and flexible designs. As a control system for anything automation, ctrlX CORE means less engineering, fewer components, and higher user productivity.

Extended fieldbus interfaces and I/O modules allow horizontal and vertical machine integration to open up new possibilities for connectivity and networking. The CPU technology provides high-performance levels while offering reduced interfaces and options for entry-level solutions. ctrlX CORE is the central platform for excellent control for every application, from PLC and motion control to control systems for any other specifications.

ctrlX HMI - HMI solutions

ctrlx automation hardware crltx hmi

ctrlX HMI provides simple and intuitive solutions for reliable human-machine interfaces. The perfectly-tailored HMI hardware portfolio includes displays, panel PCs with excellent graphics, web panels, panel frames, and machine operating panels in various sizes. ctrlX HMI provides a great user experience and flexible, needs-based applications while reliably covering all application areas, from simple process controls to dynamic simulations. ctrlX HMI defines processes via software and ensures optimum usability with an excellent design and user experience. It allows platform-independent visualization, widgets from third-party providers, and the integration of numerous web applications.

ctrlX DRIVE - drive system

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ctrlX DRIVE is a compact, modular servo drive system. Whether an entry-level or high-end variant, ctrlX DRIVE rapidly implements individual, economical solutions that grow along with application requirements. This drive system covers simple single-axis and complex multi-axis machine systems and all system components. The ctrlX DRIVE portfolio includes converters, single- and double-axis inverters, DC/DC converters, and rectifier and regenerative power supplies.

Bosch Rexroth offers powerful, space-saving servo motors perfectly matched to the drive systems in the ctrlX DRIVE portfolio. The new MS2N, MS2E, and MS2S synchronous servo motors provide users significant benefits such as more torque, higher speeds, a more compact design, and real-time monitoring for industry 4.0 solutions.

ctrlX I/O - I/O systems

ctrlx automation software i/o

ctrlX I/O is a functional extension of the ctrlX CORE control platform that adds technology and hardware options, such as expansions, USB, and Ethernet interfaces, to open up new possibilities for connectivity and networking. It's designed for horizontal and vertical integration, opening up new possibilities for connectivity and networking. The I/O modules are geared toward future technologies like 5G, TSN, and AI.

The modular, compact, and robust ctrlX I/O requires 50% less space in the control cabinet. Installation and wiring are possible without any tools, and the field and management levels are linked even without PLC. Partners can integrate technology-specific modules into the system by disclosing ctrlX I/O. It offers 16 I/O points over a width of just 12 mm.

ctrlX SAFETY - safety solutions

ctrlx safety solutions

ctrlX SAFETY is the most comprehensive SafeMotion and SafeLogic solution on the market. Users can employ ctrlX SAFETY, a part of the ctrlX WORKS suite, as a drive-integrated SafeMotion solution in ctrlX DRIVE or as a complete ctrlX SAFETY control system. It features high levels of flexibility and efficient engineering through the safety PLC's graphical programming. Even machines requiring minimal space can be designed with ctrlX SAFETY.

With ctrlX SAFETY, users receive a solution that maximizes flexibility and safety. This solution is tailored to and grows with their specific application safety requirements. This system has open standards, secure connectivity on all levels, and a fast and versatile selection of safety functions that comply with the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform. ctrlX SAFETY has a wide range of diagnostic functions and allows secure, free programming. Ready-made function modules are provided for advanced applications.


ctrlX MOTION - motion, robotics, & CNC software

ctrlX MOTION covers all conceivable motion tasks in a highly scalable manner, whether synchronized motion, robotic kinematics, or CNC. These motion tasks range from simple Cartesian handling tasks to pick-and-place applications to highly dynamic machines with numerous synchronized axes. ctrlX MOTION solves motion challenges in a highly precise, simple, safe, and flexible manner while considering installation space, function, and cost-effectiveness.

Users can adapt the functionality of ctrlX MOTION to their requirements at any time due to web-based development environments that enable low-code programming. No training is needed, thanks to graphical programming that allows intuitively created application programs. ctrlX MOTION technology packages are optimally scalable to individual requirements, whether price-optimized solutions with a maximum of ten axes and one kinematics for compact machines or high-end applications with many axes in several kinematics and coordinate systems.

ctrlx automation software ctrlx motion

ctrlX WORKS - engineering software toolbox

ctrlX WORKS is a software and engineering toolbox that makes life easy for users through straightforward engineering and significantly reduced outlay and costs. Completely new capabilities are unlocked with ctrlX WORKS when creating, providing, and using functions. With a full range of software and programming tools, users enjoy maximum flexibility when engineering automation solutions. Users can even develop their own applications in any programming language through the extensive portfolio of high-performance libraries and building blocks for typical automation tasks. ctrlX WORKS supports IEC61131, PLCopen, G-Code, C/C#, Python, Java, Node-RED, and Visual Coding.

Through ctrlX WORKS, users can create simulations and digital twins, which are digital images of tangible or intangible objects or processes. Existing as a combination of models and data, simulations and digital twins makes engineering and production processes more efficient and safer, whether users create individual components, entire machines, or complete production processes. Bosch Rexroth also offers digital twins for an extensive range of drives and motors. Additionally, various drive models are available for application scenarios, such as simulation environments.

ctrlx automation software ctrlx motion

ctrlX PLC - PLC solutions for scalable power

Your machine can handle whatever the future has in store with ctrlX AUTOMATION, thanks to the scalable ctrlX PLC control solutions. This solution combines the advantages of classic PLC with the communication and function requirements of the IoT. Like other ctrlX solutions, different scalable levels for basic, standard, and advanced tasks are available, so it's always the ideal solution for projects of varying sizes. Ready-made function modules, program templates, and automatic code generation via a REST interface increase the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering through ctrlX PLC. Users can download apps from the ctrlX store or create their own apps with their choice of programming language.

The ctrlX Data Layer provides access to all real-time and non-real-time data. It allows established standards such as OPC UA and MQTT to ensure collected data and information can be shared with other systems. Networking with other systems is possible with OPC UA, PROFINET, and Ethernet/IP. From the ctrlX AUTOMATION design to the security-by-design approach, the entire system involves a belt-and-braces approach to security, featuring dedicated security apps for firewall and VPN - all of which is IEC 62443-certified. Users can externally administer and manage ctrlX PLC systems via the ctrlX Device Portal.

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ctrlX IOT - IoT solutions

Industrial IoT requires open standards, intuitive configuration, maximum flexibility, and environmental adaptability. ctrlX IOT prepares users and machines to seamlessly transition to the Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0 through its progressive IoT toolbox with integrated security. Possibilities are unending when integrating ctrlX IOT solutions into hardware platforms.

ctrlX IOT significantly improves connectivity with local archiving and various secure, established protocols for data collection. The IoT software apps offer optimum flexibility for connecting different devices through numerous direction connection options and communications standards. ctrlX IOT features fully integrated IT security standards for access control and remote maintenance. The software is IEC 62443 SL3 certified and has a TPM 2.0 chip.

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ctrlX IPC - industrial PC

Demanding process controls and technologies, such as edge computing, require high-performance reserves, which are flexibly and scalably attained through ctrlX IPC - even for high-end applications. The ctrlX ICP portfolio allows easy access to the ctrlX WORKS software functions and engineering toolbox, enabling simple, app-based automation on industrial PCs to allow them the openness and networking advantages of ctrlX AUTOMATION. Additionally, ctrlX IPC easily combines with ctrlX HMI to support intuitive machine operation.

ctrlx IPC for industrial pcs

ctrlX Solutions – combine & automate freely

The ctrlX AUTOMATION world is open for all automation solutions since it's constantly adapting to changing conditions while seamlessly communicating with its environment. The ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio solutions meet requirements in various sectors and cater to virtually all automation applications. The individual, flexible, and future-proof freedom of ctrlX is perfectly suited for the Factory of the Future.

Automation possibilities/solutions for
  • Battery assembly - EV
  • Vision integration - FMCG
  • Semiconductor
  • Handling
  • Assembly lines
    • Building automation
    • Beam cutting
    • Injection molding
    • Packaging and machine tooling

    ctrlX World Partners – share solutions via co-creation

    ctrlX AUTOMATION is a constantly growing ecosystem as software continues to be developed and users create their own apps within the ctrlX portfolio. ctrlX World allows users to share and access their solutions via co-creation, increasing the wide range of available apps. Become a ctrlX World partner and explore the ecosystem.


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