Mobile equipment plays a more significant role than most people may think. Forestry equipment logs and grinds wood for the furniture around us, and agriculture equipment sows and harvests the food we eat daily. Without mobile forestry and agriculture equipment, processes like logging and harvesting would take much more time. Because we rely on this mobile equipment, it's vital that they’re optimized as technology evolves.

At Morrell Group, we aim to create optimized industrial and mobile equipment solutions. We work with our partners and customers to develop solutions that improve every aspect of their mobile equipment. Many customers looking for mobile solutions may not know the standards, regulations, and laws that must be followed. We are known for our extensive knowledge in this area, and we can guarantee that all of our mobile solutions abide by every standard required.

Because we have this knowledge, we cater specifically to each need our customers might bring to us. One such need that has been on the rise recently is energy efficiency in mobile equipment. Energy efficiency can mean fuel efficiency, but for electric equipment, it means a long-lasting battery life. Electrifying mobile equipment efficiently can be a challenge, but it’s not possible to challenge us too much!

At Morrell Group, optimizing mobile equipment, like a horizontal grinder or a combine harvester, means improving its energy efficiency – reducing emissions, saving fuel, and ensuring a long battery life. We don’t charge for many things when you come to us for mobile solutions. Our collaborative partners truly see us as a benefit and an investment.

We optimize mobile equipment in many ways, so join Kevin Kegarise, Morrell Group’s Director of Mobile Sales, in this episode of Evolution in Controls to learn more.

EIC Mobile Equipment Optimization

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