Bosch Rexroth CytroPak

A revolutionary solution for machine tool design, the CytroPac hydraulic power unit is 100% drop-in ready for a broad range of flow and pressure applications. Moreover, previous concerns about the lack of installation space and compatibility no longer come into play with the compact CytroPac. The plug-and-play design of CytroPac can help you achieve new levels of productivity, with every HPU function packaged into one unit including an efficient Sytronix variable-speed pump drive, an i4.0-enabled interface, and a no-hassle cooling and degassing tank design. The unit can be part of the original design for new machines or retrofitted to existing ones.

As modern plant designing evolves, machining centers are taking up less and less space on factory floors. As a result, they must be compact, energy-efficient power units that can be easily integrated into existing systems. As such, performance, efficiency, and connectivity have become much more critical.

Get ready for the groundbreaking and elegant design of Rexroth’s CytroPac! Offering an entirely new approach and coming in at as much as 50% smaller than traditional compact power packs, CytroPac is the first compact, drop-in-ready hydraulic power unit to provide optimized hydraulic performance. It is ready to be networked with multi-Ethernet and Industry 4.0 connectivity.

Engineering Partners with Applicable Expertise for CytroPac

As an Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Distributor, ESV, Morrell Group works as an extension of your team from concept to completion. We collaborate with you to gain a full understanding of your system and your operational demands. As a long-term partner of Bosch Rexroth, we have dedicated product managers with expertise in their technology, which we leverage to engineer an optimized solution for your application. Furthermore, Morrell Group's expert team can be onsite during its commissioning to ensure a smooth startup.

CytroPac Features

  • Integrated variable frequency drive with multi-Ethernet connectivity

  • Smaller, optimized tank with built-in heat pipe cooling system

  • Sytronix pump-drive directly integrated into the compact unit

  • Comprehensive built-in sensor technology for real-time monitoring

  • Multi-Ethernet capability reduces wiring complexity and cabinet space

  • Smart integration of sensor peripherals and hydraulic components

  • Hydraulic power up to 5.4 hp

  • Pressure up to 3480psi

  • Flow rate up to 9.3 gpm

  • Tank capacity of 5.3 gallons

CytroPac Benefits

  • Easy to network within a larger system

  • Reliable, drop-in ready for flow and pressure applications

  • Demand-driven Sytronix performance saves between 30-80% of energy costs

  • Requires up to 50% less floor and installation space

  • Designed for integration into Industry 4.0 concepts

  • Simplified acquisition of performance, energy, and condition diagnostics

  • Easier installation and reduced commissioning expenses

  • Extremely low noise operation


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