At the Part Introduction Station, the products are introduced to the MAD Unit via a two-axis Cartesian system from Bosch Rexroth. The cap is separated from the container and placed onto the inside conveyor belt, and both pieces continue to travel down their respective conveyor belts to the next station. This station includes a modular conveyor package, pneumatics, belt modules, an electric motor, electronic sensors, and safety components. The timing of this station has to be precise to maximize efficiency. The integration of a Siemens solution features our flexibility and product knowledge, another strength of Morrell Group and an Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator and Value-Added Distributor, ESV.

How it Works

The container and cap are introduced to the MAD Unit via a two-axis Cartesian system from Bosch Rexroth. This Cartesian system is faster than the average robot. The Cartesian system's x and Y-axis movements are controlled by a CKR15-110 belt module with an MS2N motor from Bosch Rexroth.

Bosch Rexroth Cartesian System CKR15-110 Belt Module and MS2N Motor

An AVENTICS G3 electronic Fieldbus valve system controls the pressure at the cap removal station. The pressure allows the gripper to grab the cap off the container and release it on the center conveyor. The G3 has a flexible, distributable architecture that modifies to meet a system's requirements, and it networks with all of the popular protocols: DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Profinet, and Powerlink.

AVENTICS G3 Valve Manifold

A SICK MPS Sensor is used for precise positioning of the container to prepare for the gripper to remove the cap. The sensor continuously detects the position of a cylinder using a direct non-contact method. It contributes to the guided cylinders' movement, which moves into place to stop the container from moving further down the conveyor line. This intelligent T-slot position sensor can be easily integrated into a machine at any time, and no additional mechanical components or position elements are required.

SICK MPS Position Sensor

SICK H18 photoelectric sensors are used for part presence detection. Once the SureSense sensor detects the container, it triggers the motion of the gripper to remove the cap. The H18 can be used to detect objects of various colors or materials. Its new and intuitive light strip indicates signal strength and the sensors have a range of 300 mm.

SICK H18 Photoelectric Sensor

The station of controlled by a Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC programmed in Siemens TIA Portal. This controls Bosch Rexroth servo drives and MS2N motors with single-cable technology. The integration of a Siemens solution demonstrates our product and programming knowledge and flexibility.

Bosch Rexroth Drives

An EUCHNER Multi-Functional Gate Box, MGB, protects users from entering the enclosure while the machine is running. The MGB has two illuminated push buttons and an emergency stop button, according to ISO 13850. The modular design of the MGB provides flexibility should your application demands change. The MGB is easy to mount and optimized for fences made of aluminum profiles or steel frames.

EUCHNER multi-functional gate box MGB

A SICK Locking Gate Switch will trigger the machine to stop if the door is opened. This locking device has a rugged metal locking head, and high locking force up to 3,900 N. The door and locking monitoring have a high level of safety thanks to the self-monitoring conductor outputs (OSSDs) with PL 2 (EN ISO 13849).

SICK Locking Gate Switch


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